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An accomplished California attorney with significant mediation experience

Divorce can be a devastating process in so many ways. In addition to the emotional anguish, there are serious financial and custody issues as well as the frustration and expense of litigation. For nearly three decades at The Law Offices of Karen Cline, I have helped divorcing clients avoid conflict and contention through the mediation process. As a certified mediator, I am a strong supporter of the process and possess the knowledge and compassion to represent you effectively no matter the specific circumstances of your breakup. If you live in Sonoma County and hope to dissolve your marriage in a less contentious, less expensive manner, I am uniquely qualified to help.

A compassionate guide throughout the process

Many divorcing couples are interested in trying mediation but are unsure what the process entails. If you choose to dissolve your marriage in this manner, you can expect:

  • Personal representation — Though the mediation process is less formal and hopefully friendlier than litigation, each party is represented by an attorney to protect their rights and interests. In this way, mediation differs from collaborative divorce, where the parties work with a single attorney who represents them both. I provide the same diligence and dedicated advocacy in mediation as I do in court.
  • An impartial, encouraging mediator — I have the experience and skill to guide you through the process as the mediator in your case tries to find common ground and settle differences. The pain associated with breaking up can affect one’s judgment, and an impartial voice is often what’s needed for each side to see things more clearly.
  • Assignments and responsibilities —In mediation, the mediator will usually request that each party be responsible for providing relevant documents and information, unlike the discovery process in a court case where such documents are ordered. This control allows couples to avoid months or even years of motion practice before a judge.

I help you prepare for each stage of the mediation process so that you understand what may happen and have some peace of mind during a difficult time.

Entering marriage dissolution after an agreement is reached

Once a mutually acceptable resolution is achieved, the mediator drafts an agreement to be reviewed by each party and their divorce lawyer. As your counsel, I will conduct a thorough review with you to ensure that all items have been accounted for and that you have a full understanding of your rights and obligations. Once both spouses sign the agreement, it is sent to the court for a final order ending the marriage pursuant to the agreed-upon terms.

When a couple can agree upon most aspects of a divorce, mediation offers an easier and less expensive alternative to litigation. As an experienced divorce lawyer and a certified mediator, I am happy to explain the process to clients who may be interested.

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